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Environmental Law

Environmental Law

Environmental lawyers assisting clients with due diligence, superfund, and regulatory compliance.

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Defense Base Act

Top rated Defense Base Act attorneys representing those injured overseas.

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Benner & Boon Law Firm

The attorneys at Benner & Boon have the knowledge and experience to understand your goals, and the ability to deliver the best possible result.

We take each case seriously and the opposing counsel – and the insurance companies – take us very seriously.

It can be overwhelming to be confronted with any legal issue.  Give us a call for a free case evaluation. Let us point you in the right direction.


The legal representation I received from Benner & Boon LLP was exceptional. They took much of the stress out of an otherwise overwhelming process, handling my case with care and dedication. I would highly recommend Benner & Boon to anyone seeking assistance with their legal matters.
Nathan R.
Both Craig and Brett care deeply about their clients and have the knowledge to make a real difference. For me, there is no other choice for Environmental Law issues.
Matt L.
Brett & Craig have helped my businesses legal matters significantly. They are both very diligent, knowledgeable and aggressive attorneys. Will be using them for all of my legal matters.
Jonathan J.
Mr. Benner was my lawyer when I was fighting the insurance company. Hard to believe they would deny my benefits, under the Defense Base Act, after 6 years in Iraq. As soon as I signed the paperwork Mr. Benner went to work, and worked for the next seven months diligently on my behalf. Mr. Benner was very understanding and genuinely caring (hard to find in this day and age) throughout the time I was fighting with the insurance company...I can gladly report that Mr. Benner handled the case so well that the ins. co. and I were able to settle (in my opinion and based on numerous other DBA Public Settlements) for a more than fair amount and favorable terms.
Steve P.
Professional, meticulous, and diligent. Excellent results.
Ken H.

Free Case Evaluation

The attorneys at Benner & Boon, LLP have the compassion to understand your story, coupled with the trial lawyer skills to tell it and get you the best possible result.

Once we accept a case, our first step is to get know you and/or your business. From there, we build a network of witnesses, experts, and consultants to frame your case in the most compelling way to a judge or jury.

This all starts with a no obligation, no pressure conversation during which we will answer your initial questions at no cost. Come on in or give us a call, we are here 9 to 5 on weekdays and always available for after hours or weekend consultations by appointment.