About Us

About Our Firm

Benner & Boon, LLP was founded by two San Diego attorneys who wanted to create a law practice centered on impeccable legal service and individualized client relationships.

Having each worked several years in larger law firms, Craig Benner and Brett Boon had the privilege of handling high-volume, high-profile cases and know what it takes to be attorneys in San Diego. They also quickly learned the importance of consistent client communication and personal service.

As a result, Benner & Boon, LLP puts client communication first. This is achieved by exclusive representation. Unlike other San Diego lawyers and firms, we carefully evaluate each case prior to accepting it – at no cost to you. Once we accept your case, you can expect individualized service from your attorney. At Benner & Boon, LLP, your concerns will not be ignored.

The attorneys at Benner & Boon, LLP bring to the table years of experience and prominent reputations in their practice industries. Craig and Brett have assisted clients on a variety of legal issues, including civil litigation, environmental law, real estate disputes, personal injury, the Defense Base Act, contract negotiations, and insurance disputes; among others. Craig and Brett have represented, litigated against, and resolved cases involving individuals, business entities, business owners, as well as insurance companies.

Most important to us are the personal relationships we have with our clients. The reason we became attorneys in San Diego was to be able to work more closely with our clients. Whether you are an individual or a business owner, we understand that all legal issues are stressful, and take each matter we handle seriously.