California’s Hazardous Substance Account Act

California's Hazardous Substance Account Act ("HSAA")

California lawmakers have established numerous environmental regulations for the use, treatment, and responsible disposal of hazardous chemicals. One of the most important of these pieces of legislation is the Hazardous Substance Account Act (HSAA), which in many respects mirrors CERCLA and was put in place to authorize California state authorities to order investigation and cleanup of potentially contaminated sites.

HSAA supplements the CERCLA guidelines, and can be an important law to understand for any property owner, business owner, developer, builder, insurer, and resident. HSAA can also be used throughout litigation to enforce your rights, protect your interests, and force the true contributors to contamination to take responsibility and fund their fair share of the ultimate remediation. The ultimate goal of environmental litigation is to rid property of contamination, and HSAA along with other California state laws can assist in pursuit of that effort, and an environmental lawyer is critical to properly navigating that process.

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