Dry Cleaner Contamination Sites

Dry Cleaner Contamination Sites

When you think of environmental contamination, you may conjure up images of large factories or major oil spills, but in fact, one of the most common sources of costly hazardous waste has to do with your clothes. Dry cleaners use a variety of toxic chemicals in their specialized process, contaminating soil and groundwater that can cost hundreds of thousands, even millions, of dollars to clean up. Whether you are a dry-cleaning business, a neighbor, or you are a developer looking to buy a former dry cleaning site, Benner & Boon is here to help.

In fact, even though PCE is commonly known to be and is in fact a codified hazardous substance, according to the Occidental College’s Pollution Prevention Center, roughly 85% of the nation’s more than 35,000 dry cleaners still us PCE as their primary solvent.

We are proud to be one of the top environmental law firms in San Diego, and we have thorough knowledge of the laws and regulations that affect businesses and communities across the state. There are thousands of dry cleaning retail sites in California, and according to an insurance survey of past and present dry cleaners, an estimated 70% of these businesses have unknowingly or intentionally released chemicals into the soil or groundwater. So when it comes to environmental remediation efforts, and the future of these dry cleaning sites, it’s critical to play by the rules so your business can stay in the clear.

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